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Real talk for therapists

Coaching, support and counseling for therapists

 Online Counseling and in Person

Meet Christina

Licensed Therapist, mindfulness and yoga coach

Greetings! I have been a counselor for 15 years,   I have worked with a variety of clients over those 15 years and in many different environments; nonprofits, hospitals, clinics, emergency crisis work, schools and private practice. So, I can say I have a solid understanding of the demands it requires to be in the field today! It is so easy to feel overwhelmed! Compassion fatigue is high in the mental health field and also in the general healthcare field.  I wanted to dedicate a part of my practice where I focus solely on the needs of other helping professionals.  Ethically, I believe taking care of yourself is one of the most important things you can do for your clients and definitely for your own health. 

I want to create a space where you feel comfortable talking about your own concerns.  You deserve for someone to listen to you too!  I know many counselors have begun and continue to explore their own inner world  (but as we know, that's a lifelong journey lol),  so I understand counseling is different for therapists.  I will speak on your level and have conversations that align with your current needs and situations. 


I am very compassionate and directive in my approach which I have learned is a useful approach when working with other counselors. I am very down-to-earth, flexible and open-minded. To be honest, I love counseling other counselors as I hope to be your well-being accountability coach.  Sessions will be whatever you need them to be!  


What I Specialize In

Mindfulness, Gentle Yoga and Meditation

Burn out and Anxiety Management

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Self Compassion

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

The journey towards well being  is a gentle process of self-awareness and self-compassion

Real Talk! 

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